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I have been developing and refining a form of woven sculpture, which takes the form of large scale, site-specific installations—three dimensional drawings in space. Each piece constitutes a unique response to a particular space, be it interior or exterior, to create a kind of mind-map. The installations engage with these public spaces through their interaction with the pre-existing architecture and spatial dynamics, and transform them through the multiplicity of viewing possibilities they offer. 

Physically, my work is about building and weaving installations, using varying lengths and types of thin wooden strips, used both in their raw, natural state and also rendered in color. These are flexed, twisted, bundled and arched into forms that reference bridges, airport structures, sports complexes, and factory buildings, and recall the raw beauty of modern industrial engineering. To create these installations, the material is subject to enormous physical pressure and tension, suggesting the conflicting sensations of pleasure and danger, excitement and trepidation, and adding a psychological and metaphorical component to the sculptures. I am interested in conveying complex emotions, balancing the positive with the negative, tranquility with tension, stillness and movement, and ultimately, transformation. The tension in the graceful curved lines, delicate joineries, and temporal forms speaks to the fragility and ephemeral nature of human relationships, and, equally, to the balance and stability in nature.